This has been a pretty dry season as far as my faith goes, and I confess that much of that dryness has been my fault. Rather than pressing in despite not having a church home, I’ve kind of wallowed in all the wrong and have nursed my wounds more than seek healing for them. 

Despite the quiet from me and the dry season, I have learned a few things. 

Most of them have to do with my heart.

Several weeks ago, I was watching my Saturday morning cartoons (aka, Food Network on Saturday mornings). Trisha Yearwood has a new show, which follows two of my favorite shows by 2 of my fav ladies, Paula Deen and Ree Drummond (aka the Pioneer Woman). I watched Trisha’s new show, but then got a bit irritated. 

ImageFor years, I’ve had a problem with her and her hubby, Garth Brooks. Rumors flew years ago that they were having an affair, but they both denied it. 

One night, I was watching the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and they performed a song, “In Another’s Eyes.” Holy. Smokes. The chemistry was crazy. It was obvious they were singing about themselves and their significant others. I have tried to find a clip on YouTube, but cannot. I wish you could see it. 

She/they have been a bit of sand in my shoe. He was married. She knew it. Everybody knew it. And yes, he knew it, too. He doesn’t get a pass. I just didn’t want to support them, even though back in the day, I really liked Garth’s music. 

I was thinking about this when I felt God quietly saying, “Why do you judge her when I have forgiven you?”


Yeah. It’s hard to hear the truth sometimes. 

So I watched again, and I enjoy watching her new show as often as I can. It’s a good reminder of Matthew 7:1-2: “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

All have sinned. Every single one of us. We can’t hold others to a standard we cannot maintain in our own strength. And once forgiven, we can’t think ourselves better than others, and perhaps especially those whose mistakes and missteps have been made public.