A raccoon dropped by at 3 am yesterday morning. It got into a skirmish with the cat over the cat’s food. The adrenaline was pumping and I couldn’t go to sleep. Got up later than I wanted thanks to said raccoon. After breakfast, I told my oldest girl that we couldn’t go to the pool until she practiced her violin (she’s been awful about practicing).  After she practiced, I got the girls ready to go to the pool. The plan was to go to the pool, then take oldest girl to her violin lesson, and then come home to make dinner.  

On the way, Hubby calls to tell me that the van quit and will not restart. While waiting with him for the tow truck, a panhandler tried to tell him how to fix it and started yelling that Hubs owed him $10.

Went with tow truck to garage. Pool time postponed. Ate lunch with Hubby & the kids. Dropped Paul off at work, and since I didn’t have my wallet (because remember? We were supposed to go to the pool and I didn’t want to have to worry about my wallet in the pool bag), he gave me one of his debit cards to get cash for Big Girl’s violin lesson. Turns out, he gave me the old expired one. Several trips back and forth to get the right card and then to an ATM to get money to pay violin teacher.

After violin lesson, we pull out and are cheering, “Yay! Pool time!” Only–the Camry dies. Seriously, within minutes of us leaving our parking spot. It does restart but is rattling. Call Hubs, then pick him up at work. He thinks it’s not safe to drive so he pulls over and calls his dad to pick us up. We wait in 90-some degree weather and are happpy to have a cool ride home.

The garage guys call and say it’s the fuel pump on the van and will be something like $700 to fix. The Camry may have something wrong with a rod (engine, not suspension). We ended up renting a vehicle until we can get at least one of ours back on the road.

Prayers are appreciated.