It’s been a few weeks since “Hatfields & McCoys” aired on the History Channel.

I’ve thought a lot about it. When you look at the mini-series as biographical or historical fiction, it’s much more palatable. It’s not a documentary. If that’s what you’re looking for, they aired one a few days after the mini-series.

The series isn’t supposed to be an accurate portrayal of what happened; rather, it’s a dramatic portrayal. Sort of like the movie, Titanic. If you keep that in mind, it’s much more enjoyable.

Personally, I’d never heard that Devil Anse deserted his company in the Confederate Army. And I know that he and Randall McCoy did not serve on the same side during the Civil War. So those 2 things stuck out to me like sore thumbs.

I’m a stickler for accuracy, so those things bugged me. But I think overall, it was an honest, gritty look at the feud. I think Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton did well in their parts. I was astonished that the scenery looked so much like southern West Virginia, considering it was filmed in Romania.

So that’s it. Now back to our regular programming.  🙂