I have wanted to create a princess room since my oldest daughter, who will turn 8 in December, was about 2 years old. In other words, I had really wanted her to go from her duck-themed nursery to a princess-themed big girl room. But Dora the Explorer won. Twice, actually, when my youngest daughter wanted a Dora-themed room. Sometimes, I really hate Dora.

This Summer, after almost 7 years of waiting, wanting and then finally having enough money that wasn’t needed for something else, we have finally replaced the carpet in a couple of bedrooms. Since everything had to be pulled out for the carpet to be installed, it was a perfect time to change the theme in my youngest daughter’s bedroom.

Last year, we painted and decorated my oldest daughter’s room and she chose a mature Cowgirl theme. I have had some of the princess decor for years, and I was thrilled to finally be able to use it.

Also, with a promo by Lowe’s for free labor, it really helped our budget. Ok, enough chatting. I present Abigail’s Princess Room:

 The quilt was hand-made and hand-painted by someone my Mom knows. The pink room darkening curtains were bought at Target. The sign with her name on it came from HomeGoods. I have had the bookshelf since I was a freshman in college. I found the headboard, footboard & bed frame at a consignment sale for just $60!

We found the chest-of-drawers in our local ad bulletin, kind of like a weekly paper a la Craigslist… where you list items you want to sell. There is a matching nightstand that I put in the closet for extra storage and to make more floor space in her room.

The storage bins & shelf came from Target. The name sign came from HomeGoods. I bought both name signs about 2 months before she was born.

The wall stickers came from Home Depot. There are more, but I haven’t put them up yet.

The red rocking chair was bought by family friends who dearly love and prayed fervently for Abbie. The doll is a Baby Be Blessed doll that she received for Christmas last year.

And check out that new carpet! Previously, there had been a green short shag carpet down, probably original to the house. The carpet we installed was the stuff Lowe’s keeps in stock, so I’m not sure if we’ll have to replace it in 5 years. But I think it’s such an improvement, both aesthetically and health-wise (can you imagine what was in the old carpet?!), that even if we have to replace it in a few years, it’s worth the cost.

So, there you have it. After about 6 years of wanting to create a princess bedroom, and after about 6 or 7 years of wanting to replace very old carpet, we finally did it!