Funny. My last post was about resting in the Lord. Now I declare myself busy as a bee.

Well, I am.

I’m leaving Monday for a little trip. I’ll fill you in on the details later, but as with any trip, there’s laundry, packing and preparing to do.

There’s a dentist appointment for my oldest daughter and a vet appointment for our new kitties.

I’m trying to coordinate many large home projects. If it all goes smoothly (hahaha), we’ll have one project after another, streamlined so that by early- to mid-September, the house should be in order again. (haha.. again. I wish!)

Also, there’s a consignment sale coming up, which means I’m going through my youngest daughter’s drawers and closet to clean out what is no longer used. Then I’m packing away what my oldest daughter can’t wear anymore so that in a few years, her little sister can wear the clothes. The getting stuff out isn’t what I hate; it’s the tagging. Blech.

My youngest started (mandatory) Pre-K last week, and my youngest goes back to school in mid-August, so there’s the preparation for that, too!

Those who scoff at how much women do might take another look. This being CEO of the household stuff isn’t for the faint of heart!