I’m sorry for the radio silence. There has been so much going on, and I have debated whether or not to write about it here.

Between grief that has totally suprised me–it’s almost on a soul level–to helping clean out my grandmother’s house to planning for my first mission trip and then planning for a huge family vacation that the kids don’t know about yet, I’ve been busy.

But I’ve also learned to be easy with myself. This grief is more than I anticipated, and I’m trying to take care that it doesn’t morph into depression.

We’re also trying to plan some much needed, long-wanted home improvements in the way of new carpet in our bedrooms, new hardwood flooring in the living & TV rooms, and a kitchen reno. It all sounds so overwhelming, and I pray our budget stays intact.

What I would like to ask your help with is something really personal, but most of the people who read this blog (all 5 of you!) are friends, and I trust you. I feel safe with you, so it’s not like posting this to the masses on Facebook or Twitter. I look at this blog as our cozy little spot for drinking coffee or tea, catching up and talking about God.

Anyway, the issue at hand is my weight. I really need to lose 50 or 60 pounds, but I know that the key to meeting that goal is to break it down into 10 or 20 lb. increments. I know that I need to eat healthier and I know I need to get moving.

That’s where you come in. If you’re willing, I’d like for my bloggy friends to be my accountability.

I’m not sure how this is going to work just yet. I have been contemplating going to Weight Watchers. I’ve had great success with it before and I am comfortable with it. But I just hate to pay money for someone to weigh me every week, then stay for the meeting. I think my hubby’s insurance offers a discount, so I’ll be looking into that. I have been playing with the idea of joining our local YMCA, but the cost is so much more here than in larger metro areas (to the tune of well over $600 annually for a family).  I need to get started by just walking in our neighborhood. I just need motivation. I have a few fitness DVD’s, so I’m wondering, if I don’t use the DVD’s that are already in my house, will I really utilize a membership to the Y? I’m sure I’d pass out if I was in an exercise class at this point, so I basically need a fire under my butt to start walking.

So that’s it. Who wants to help keep me accountable?