>**I’ve tried several times to correct the formatting in this post, but Blogger does not want to cooperate. My apologies.** For a couple of months, I’ve felt that God has been trying to get me to readjust the way I see myself. Two books are on my To-Read list: Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst and Head to Toe by Annie Downs. It’s no coincidence that blog posts like these keep finding their way to my laptop screen: You’re the Best God’s Got ,“That Mom” , and countless others that encourage me to stop comparing myself to other people, especially to other women, wives and mothers. I’m not supposed to have their strengths, and just because I don’t share their strengths doesn’t mean I’m weak or less. It’s easier said than done, that’s for sure. Remember that line in Pretty Woman? “The bad stuff is easier to believe. You ever notice that?” And that’s where I’ve been stuck for a very long time. I believe that I’m not enough, no matter the situation. I’m not enough as a wife. I’m not enough as a mother. I’m not enough as a daughter. I’m not enough as a Christian. It’s been hard, and sometimes, when I watch a show about a man who spent 23 minutes in hell, I begin wondering if I’m an unsaved Christian. Add to this:

  • Stuff going on with our church
  • My grandma being in the hospital for 7 weeks after a fall, and her doctors now advising us to consider Hospice
  • Marriage issues, which aggravate the “I’m not enough”

And the result is a very tired, very sad, and very heavy Me. I wish I could just deal and be done with any one of these issues, but they have snowballed into an avalanche. I am physically sore from all the stress.

If anyone knows of Mommy Get-aways, or inexpensive conferences or anywhere at all where I could go to be renewed and refilled, please let me know.