>You GUYS! Do you see that blue & white button to the right of the screen? The one that says, “Join me” as I read through the Bible in 90 days? Yeah. That one.


I was doing ok until the weekend, when I didn’t have a chance to read at all, actually, so I’m way behind. I’m just beginning Exodus today and they’re already in Leviticus 14.

But I’m hoping to really push through and catch up this week.

Now, reading through the Bible in just 90 days is kind of crazy, you know? My church read through the Bible in a year a few years ago. But I didn’t participate. I was afraid I wouldn’t stay with it, that I’d putter out around July. Which I probably would have. And then I’d feel all guilty and beat myself up about it. So I quit before I started. 🙂

Seriously, I felt a tug in my spirit. I needed to do this. I need to not hop around and follow my pastor or the special speaker, and just dive in and finish. While the “read the Bible in a year” is more like a marathon, this is kind of like a sprint. A 90 day sprint, but still a sprint.

I have a few posts that have been marinating for a couple of months, actually, and I do hope to get them up. I want to post photos of the TV room now that it’s been painted, but with the toys that took over since Christmas, I’d like to tidy it up a bit. I even have a photo that I took of my bathroom, which received its own little holiday/winter makeover! But the computer’s hard drive has been going bad, so when Hubby finishes that (perhaps this week), I’ll have more power and speed to get those done.

If you don’t hear from me in a while, you’ll know why. In the mean time, let’s dig in to Exodus!