>Sorry I’ve been away for so long.

My thyroid has been a bit out of whack, thus making me exhausted. The van broke down (still isn’t fixed). A friend loaned us a vehicle to take little one to her annual appointments in Cincinnati. A few days after we got home, I got sick and it lasted all week.

As a result, there’s so much work (the kind that helps me earn money) and house work (the thankless kind) and laundry (how on earth does it multiply so quickly) that I have hardly any time to write. I’ve been trying to pray when I’m cleaning. Kind of unloading on the Creator of the Universe. We’ll see what happens with that.

I’ve been trying to get up the past few days about a half hour earlier than I normally do. It didn’t take this morning. I’ll keep trying and hoping that I find my rhythm… the one wherein I get daily time with God, daily time to write, get all the housework caught up/done, and my earning income work done.

It’s been a long, uphill battle. Still not there, but trudging through.

On the upside, it’s looking a lot like Fall outside, which is serving as inspiration to get the housework caught up so the Fall decorations can be put up. Christmas is less than 3 months away and I keep hoping that THIS year, my home will be organized and ready for the holidays by December 1st.