Hannah and me in her room when she had just turned 3. She’s now 6 1/2.

I’m posting an old photo of Hannah’s room before the updates and renovations. For obvious reasons (just look at those walls! Oh wait! This was taken before I tried to remove the textured wallpaper.) I don’t have a lot of photos of her room. Between the wallpaper that was partially removed, or the ugly brown cardboard-like material hiding under the wallpaper that had been removed to the… mess, there wasn’t a really good reason for me to go snooping around in there with a camera. Too bad, because the before and after photos would have been A-MA-ZING.

For the last year or more, I have wanted to somehow re-do or repair the damage hiding under the textured wallpaper. Warning: If any of you ever buy a house with textured wallpaper, be afraid of what’s lurking underneath. Be very afraid.

To say that our budget is tight would be an understatement, and that is one of the main reasons we had not been able to get my oldest daughter’s room in order. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to. No, this mother’s heart desperately wanted to create a space where her daughter could play, read, rest and have friends over to enjoy. Over the course of the past year, Hannah has gone from wanting a princess-themed room to a cowgirl-themed room.

A few weekends ago, my mom was in town for a conference. As she was leaving town, she stopped by and we were talking. Then she grabbed some Spackle from the garage, started filling in the damaged places on the wall, and the rest is history.

Dear friends, let me show you Hannah’s Cowgirl Room.

This is the view when you first open the door. My Hubby picked out the light switch, which we found at Walmart for less than $3. You can’t really tell in this photo, but it’s kind of a bronze finish.

This is what you see when you step inside the room. The pink color is Strawberry Float and the brown color is Hot Chocolate; both were bought at Lowe’s. I found the dark chocolate valance at Target for $15.

The pale pink bedding was purchased at Home Good’s at least a year ago for about $40. It’s a very pale pink with tiny white polka dots.

One of the issues we had last school year was Hannah never being able to find her coat or backpack. Problem solved with this handy hook I found at Hobby Lobby which says, “Cowgirls Welcome.” Our new routine this coming school year will be hanging her coat and backpack up when she gets home.

This is one of my favorite vignettes in the entire room. It’s hard to see the little table, but I found that at a pre-yard sale for $10. I had already had the lamp for many years. The Cowgirl wall plaque and Rodeo Girl picture frame were found at Hobby Lobby for about $6 or $7 each.

We got this cube shelf within the last year at Target when it was on sale (they are regularly $45, I think and we got ours for around $30 if I’m remembering correctly). The canvas cubes are $6 each at Target.

This was my Hubby’s dresser when he was growing up. When Hannah was born, we sanded it and painted it green to match her yellow, blue and green “Little Suzy’s Zoo” themed nursery. Funny, we had to just sand it again and repaint it brown, which is what it was originally.

The brown boots were a steal at Gymboree, for about $7 or less and were bought to match a cream and white cow print dress, which she has now grown out of. I’m glad they weren’t put in with all the consignment items! The little pink and brown Cowgirl box was a Hobby Lobby find and was no more than $8.

See this adorable picture of a beautiful baby on a bed of pink roses? Yep, that’s the same beautiful, creative girl in the photo above. She is SO HAPPY with her Cowgirl room. And her Mommy is SO HAPPY that her girl has a place all her own to enjoy.

I would like to get a brown or rust colored barn star, but haven’t found any locally and will probably get one the next time I’m in Huntington… I’m sure I’ll go to Hobby Lobby, too! While it may not be perfect, it’s such an improvement over what it was. But the most important thing is, my girl is happy with her room.

When my mom asked Hannah what her favorite part of her room was, she answered, “Everything.”

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