>Obviously, Jesus loves me. He loved me enough to step out of Heaven and onto earth, becoming a man to die on the cross so that my sins would be covered by a perfect sacrifice, so that I could come to know the Father.

That alone is more than my mortal mind can comprehend.

Because He loves me, He cares for me. What matters to me matters to Him, too.

Last week, I was invited to and attended a party. You know the type, where basically, a bunch of ladies gather to hear another lady talk about the products she is selling and the party guests buy things. Their hostess is often awarded gifts based on the amount sold at her party.

The party I attended last week was a good one. There were really lovely things for the home and I could easily go through and mark many things I’d love to use in our home once all the painting is finished. And once I could afford it.

I even considered becoming a consultant.

I attended another party last night with the same basic principles. The themes for this party were purses and jewelry. The hostess said that I shouldn’t feel pressured to buy anything. But I couldn’t, anyway, so that kind of alleviated any pressure. šŸ™‚

I only went to the party to mingle with neighbors, to get out of the house. I’m not a purse girl, so that didn’t appeal to me as much. Besides, I didn’t really dig the pink designer-like purses that were so plentiful.

I’m not really a jewelry person, either. I used to wear only my wedding set, when I could still wear them. When I wear jewelry, it’s usually the same silver hoops or a silver bracelet. Nothing fancy. Not a lot and not very often.

I saw a set that I liked. But, you know. So, I was going to leave when they were gathering for a game. I felt as though I should stay. I did, and in doing so won $25 worth of free jewelry. Funny, it was the exact amount I needed for these:

It’s not a big thing or even a remotely important thing. For the next month, the most important things to me will be getting school clothes for my oldest and birthday party supplies and presents for my youngest. No, this was a small thing. A small, lovely, beautiful thing that I like. But in reading this book, I’m realizing that God appreciates those lovely, beautiful things, however small or seemingly insignificant, and He put in me the desire for beauty, inside and out.

A little love wink, straight from Heaven.