>It’s been well over 2 weeks since I’ve posted anything. I haven’t posted anything because there’s not much to write about. My thoughts are often focused on our not-so-great financial situation. I’m trying to be patient in the new work-from-home venture, hoping for more hours. We are revisiting the “should Aimee go back to work” discussion. All these things make for boring and depressing blog fodder.

The current projects on hold are H’s room and getting A in to a “big girl” bed, primarily, then the continuation of interior painting throughout, getting the carpet cleaned and finally finishing the bathroom. Money, money, money. A feeling of not enough. A wondering if we’ll ever get there, our heads more than barely above water, of not always being behind or waiting, but of being in the place we want to be, a place that is not so stressful and is so much more enjoyable without all the heaviness of debt, want and need hanging over our heads.