>This past Saturday, my neighborhood hosted its annual Yard Sale. I did ok. The extra cash is nice, but what I was really excited about was getting rid of All. That. Stuff. The last hour of my sale, I had cheap garbage bags and told people to fill ‘er up, all for $5 a bag.

You know what this means? Well, first, I cross one item off my Doozey List: Yard Sale. Ha. But it also means I’m even closer to being able to actually park in my garage!

This photo probably looks more like a “before” rather than an “after.” But people, y’all have no idea just how jam-packed this garage has been. Friends, it was shameful. Just ask my neighbors.

Now. The See the Rubbermaid container near the bottom of the photo? Yeah, THAT little baby is leaving my house at 5 pm today. (Yay!) And see those boxes over there to the right of the photo, just in front of the white wooden nativity? Those are leaving today, too. (I’m just about clapping my hands with excitement.)

I interrupt this post to wax eloquent about Free Cycle. You must check this site out! It’s great for those odd pieces you want to get rid of, or perhaps you have some things you want to get rid of, but it’s not enough to warrant a garage sale or a pick-up by your local charity.

Those boxes are full of Christian books that some gracious soul has offered to take off my hands, bless her heart, and I used Free Cycle to advertise the FREE books to anyone who would come pick them up.

Anyway, back to the garage. Oh, before I forget… all those clear Rubbermaid containers? See how they’re EMPTY? Yeah. I can hardly stand it!

The garage will be completely finished once my Hubby can go through some boxes full of electronic stuff that I have no clue about. But! I’m giving him a month to do it. After that, they’re going to File 13. Maybe that sounds a bit mean, but the way I see it, I can’t stop the momentum now. I must finish the garage. I mean, it’s almost compulsive at this point. But given that my poor garage has been junked up for about 4 years and that for the past 4 winters, we’ve had to scrape the car windshields when the snow came, my excitement is totally understandable.

My other Doozey List item: Garage, thisiclose to being finished!