>Farm Wife posted a House Work Meme and asked us all to play along.

So, guess what? Today’s a “two-fer.” Twofer Tuesdays. (Sorry… I’m a little tired… and loopy.)

Here goes! If you join in the fun, go over to Farm Wife’s Blog and say hello!

A Housework Meme Just for You.

  1. Do you have a daily cleaning routine? I wouldn’t say that I have an in-born routine. I have to really work at it. I mean, REALLY. WORK. at it. When Abbie came home from the hospital and we had regular visits from her occupational, speech, developmental and physical therapists, I usually tried to have a basic schedule that included cleaning the bathroom and front living room/dining room on Mondays. But then I found Fly Lady in January, and I’ve been following her schedule, which includes an hour of cleaning your home each week (Weekly Home Blessing Hour) and then you focus on one room all week. My house looks better now than it has in a really long time.
  2. Do you cook on a regular basis? Yes, I do cook on a regular basis. I wouldn’t say that everything I make is from scratch. Partly for convenience, partly because I don’t know how to make some things from scratch. Our finances have dictated that we eat out a lot less. And you know, I used to miss eating out, but here lately, I really enjoy eating at home. I enjoy the food and realize that the things I love to eat when we eat out are just as good, if not better, when I make them at home.
  3. Do you wear aprons? No. But that does not mean that I don’t like them. I love them, actually! I have a fall-themed one and have been really wanting the red & white striped one from Sur La Table since I saw it on Oprah about 2 or 3 years ago. I’m always afraid it’ll be discontinued before I finally get it.
  4. Do you make beds on a regular basis? No. But our new goal for this month on Fly Lady is making our beds. So, since April 1st, yes.
  5. Not truly a house work question, but it will still fit: What do you call the three meals you eat a day? Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. BUT! My grandparents and great-grandparents called it Breakfast, Dinner and Supper, just like FarmWife’s husband. My Pa-paw’s lunch box was his “Dinner Bucket.” (Gosh, I miss him!)
  6. How many loads of laundry do you wash in a week? Wow. I never added it up before. Let’s see… I try to wash at least 2 or 3 loads a day. I don’t wash on Sunday unless my husband or oldest daughter have absolutely nothing to wear the next day. So. My guess is about 12-18 loads a week. Really? It doesn’t seem like it’s that much. But, considering I wash towels pretty often, maybe that number is right.
  7. What is your least favorite chore? Usually, it’s putting away clean, folded laundry. How stupid does that sound? But it’s the truth. I have no idea why. I’d say the next least favorite is mopping the floor.
  8. What’s your favorite chore? FarmWife isn’t the only one! I love having a clean bathroom. I can’t say that I love all that goes with it, because really, it’s gross. But I love a clean bathroom… it just makes me feel so much better, even if the rest of the house is a total wreck.
  9. Do you keep a company ready house (or attempt to) or go for that comfortably lived in look or could you be on your own Hoarding: Buried Alive episode on TLC? Honestly? Mine is more than comfortably lived in, but nowhere near as bad as Hoarding. Seriously, the hoarding stuff is sad and scary to me, since I do have a relative that is a hoarder (never professionally diagnosed, but from I’ve seen and read, she is). Because I’ve seen what that looks like, I don’t ever want to be that. I’m not trying to sound judgmental, but it’s an awful way to live. It’s no life. Now, that said, my house is nowhere near what I want it to be–YET! I’ve been working earnestly. The truth is, we have way too much stuff and I’ve been working for the past few months to get rid of things because the house we live in now is very small for our family of four. Less space means we have to downsize. Once that is accomplished and I get everything organized, I hope to keep it somewhere between Company Ready and Lived In.
  10. I once heard on the radio that 90% of women clean house like their mothers. Do you? Yes. I load my dishwasher the way she does. I fold clothes the way she does. I don’t shampoo my carpet as often as she does. But for the most part, I do things the way she does, except she does them better. And she doesn’t have 2 small children to “help” her and undo her work as soon as it’s done.
  11. (For the mothers out there) Do you expect your children to help out around the house? To what extent? I expect my girls to pick up their toys in the TV room. I ask them to put things in their rooms. I’m working with the oldest to put her own clean clothes away in the dresser by herself. The youngest one tries to help load and unload the dishwasher because it’s “fun.” Both girls like to help in the kitchen and the oldest is getting pretty good at it. The older they get, the more responsibilities they will have.

So? How about you?