>Amy over at New Nostalgia hosts Anti Procrastination Tuesdays. Yesterday was a busy one, filled with finishing up my shopping for the girls’ baskets (and I got REALLY bummed that there aren’t more Christian/Cross themed things… Hello? WHY are we celebrating?!?).


Amy has her own “Doozey List” on her blog. It’s kind of an accountability tool. She crosses an item off when it’s completed.

Yesterday, on “Anti Procrastination Tuesday” I complied my own Doozey List. Granted, I didn’t get finished until late last night, but I *did* get the list typed. That counts for something, right?

So here it is, folks. With the help of Fly Lady and Amy, I might just get some of these things done! Full disclosure: I totally swiped Amy’s list as a guideline.

Doozey List

Chore Chart for Hannah
Make a master chore list
Create box for family prayer requests
Make a box of repentances
Decide on allowance for Hannah
Be consistent with family devotions
More outside play time for the girls

People & Family:
Call/Send Cards to Mary, other family & friends
Visit Hub’s Dad more often
Attend women’s Bible study group
Figure out what time and how much time works best for email, Facebook and phone messages

Workout more consistently
Put away clothes in bins
Go through Christmas decorations
Prepare for yard sale
Make laundry detergent
Redecorate Hannah’s Room
Redecorate Abbie’s Room
Redecorate Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom
Girls’ Closets (again)
Laundry Room

Eye doctor – Me soon, Girls in the Fall
Abbie’s AFP
Abbie’s Cincinnati Appointments

Papers and Lists:
Go through and purge all papers
Go through Hannah’s school papers, purge

Cleaning (Beyond Fly Lady’s Missions):
Wash windows
Repair grout on tile floor until it’s replaced
Clean behind stove/refrig
Clean ceiling fan
Clean all light fixtures
Clean mini blinds
Clean shutters/windowsills
Vacuum furniture

Do some give-aways
Research switching to WordPress

Create list for possible bonus
Really dig into Financial Peace University

Paint TV Room
Paint Kitchen
Paint Formal Living Room/Dining Room
Paint Hannah’s Room
Paint Master Bedroom
Wallpaper the Half Bathroom
Replace tile floor in kitchen
Paint house exterior

Get Frames and hang photos
Back up photos onto cds
Print photos

Create flower garden in side flower bed
Make raised bed for vegetable garden
Get seedlings for veggie garden

In The Kitchen:
Learn how to make homemade bread
Learn how to make good homemade chicken & dumplings
Make and freeze meals