>Wow. I feel like God is really loving on me today. Remember a few days ago, how I was whining and acting like a crabby toddler?

Good thing we have a Father who scoops us up, encourages us and sends us on our way.

I spent a large part of my day driving through southern West Virginia, delivering these adorable chocolate baskets the ladies at my church made, with all proceeds going to missions.

I mean, really, aren’t these lovely?

It was a gorgeous day and I was driving with the windows down, breathing in as much country air as possible, because where I live, the air is laden with chemicals, thanks to Dow, Bayer Crop Sciences and Dupont.

I was thinking about what a commenter had suggested: that we try to vacation in West Virginia this year. My heart was happy and encouraged as I thought about showing my girls what a beautiful state we live in.

This evening while Hubs is with our family car having the brake system repaired, I’ve been researching local dealerships and their inventory of used minivans. I have to admit, I am more than nervous thinking about it because my impression is that people run the GUTS out of vans before they get rid of them.

If money were no object, I’d really love a new Toyota Sienna with all the bells and whistles.

But money is an object, one we are trying to spend less and save more.

I had emailed Hubs some of the pages of vans I’d found and checked my email. In my Inbox was an email from the “Money Saving Mom” blog.

Once again, my heart was encouraged.

We may not be able to pay cash for a really cheap van this summer. But I am devising a plan. My hope is to initially buy a pretty cheap van, or even another car. Because the ULTIMATE goals is to do this.