>Have you ever heard of FLYlady? If not, cruise on over to her website, http://www.flylady.net . It’s worth a peek.

She may very well be my saving grace when it comes to finally getting my house clutter free.

I’ll probably still need the services of my friend at http://www.sortmyspace.com for organizational purposes . She is AWWWWESOME. You should give her site a peek, too.

But first, I need to get rid of stuff. And as I have said here time and time again, there is a black hole is a closet or wall somewhere in my house. No matter how much I clean out, there is yet–still–MORE to clean out. Ugh. It’s exhausting.

But FlyLady is helping me when my friend a Sort My Space isn’t here. FlyLady is free and although the services offered by SMS are invaluable, I haven’t been working since the end of October, so that means no “Mommy Mad Money” is available for those kinds of projects.

FlyLady is structured so that a person following the “program,” if you could call it that, takes on one room a week, focusing on de-cluttering and deep cleaning that room, while also cleaning and keeping tidy the other rooms in the house.

Of all the great things I have read on the FlyLady website, there is one thing that has spoken to me more than anything else:

Housework, even done imperfectly, blesses your family and your home.

I am a textbook “SHE” (Sidetracked Home Executive). I have perfectionist tendencies, and when there is SO much to do, as there is here, I often shut down and procrastinate. If I can’t get the entire job done, and done perfectly, I don’t want to do it. What I am learning from FlyLady–and what Rita at SMS tried to teach me as well–is to take these projects one thing at a time. If I take one baby step, then another and another, after a while, those baby steps add up and, Viola! A room is cleaned out, de-cluttered and organized.

My oldest daughter’s room is pretty much finished with this process. I completely cleaned my kitchen, literally from ceiling to floor and everywhere and everything in between. But the Master Bedroom is the worst. Oh, mercy, if I can get that room finished, I’m well on my way to FLYing.

In the meantime, I’m still overwhelmed by all the STUFF. I’m very much looking forward to a consignment sale the first weekend in March. I’ve decided that whatever doesn’t sell HAS to be donated to charity after this sell and am determined to not let it back in the house.

Because I want to get so much accomplished this year, I really need to get some things done inside so I can focus on my pet projects for this Spring and Summer: plant and raise a garden, paint the exterior of the house, paint the interior of the house, remodel the half bathroom.

On my way to being a FLYbaby… come join me!

P.S.: I’ve found a few gems among blogs out there and have added them to my blogroll. To your right, please see Annie Blogs, Chickens in the Road, and Little Cabin in the Woods.