>Abbie graduated from our early intervention program, Birth To Three, in November.

But apparently, I forgot to post about it.

Prompted by something I saw on BlogHer’s Facebook page, I went back in my blog archives and lo and behold, nothing was there.

Must’ve been the turkey that made me too sleepy to do it in November, or Christmas and Hannah’s birthday in December or, until now, the snow in January.

So, yeah, Abbie graduated from Birth To Three a year early. What does that mean? Basically:

She’s not delayed. She does not need their services.

Can I hear an “Amen” or “Praise the Lord” from somebody?

Because really, almost 3 years ago we faced such uncertainty that I stand in awe that this child who, according to the textbooks should have had a lot more difficulty, is doing so excellently well. She could’ve had a trache. She was very close to getting a g-tube for feeding. We were told to plan for her to be in the hospital 3 to 6 months when she was born.

We had to work with her feeding issues and a bit with her speech skills, but this girl was determined and worked hard. She just plugged on through, not knowing that she was “supposed” to have challenges. Because Abbie? She just made it work. Be it the thicker tongue or the 5 cm difference in the length of her legs. To hear her talk and to see her walk, run and climb… well, it’s pure joy.