>Only 30 minutes are left to Christmas Day 2009.

Hubby and my oldest are already asleep. The little one had fallen asleep but is awake now. I turned the news down so I could hear her chatter.

No, my first family, grandmothers, aunts, uncles and cousins still do not have power.

No, I didn’t get to travel to where I grew up to spend Christmas Eve and Morning.

But my girls are healthy and happy. They woke up and had a wonderful day. Did they notice that the average price of their gifts was lower this year than last? Nope. Did they notice anything other than the grand joy of the day? It didn’t seem that they knew anything but giddy happiness today.

And my heart is full and thankful.

We read the story of the birth of Jesus from the book of Luke. We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. My oldest proclaimed this “the best Christmas ever!”

Boy, was my heart full and thankful!

I got to speak to my parents and one grandmother, but not for long. But the conversation was long enough to learn that everyone was ok. Everyone is anxious for the electricity to be restored (at this point, about 7 days and counting). We have decided that once it’s back on and everyone can get back to normal–and get to a grocery store–we WILL celebrate Christmas as a family. Even if it’s the middle of January.

I told my Mom that if we are looking for a silver lining in that–and trust me, after nearly a week like this, we have to–it would be that by celebrating on a different day, our schedules should be more relaxed. Hopefully, we won’t have to rush to be somewhere else by a certain time. Hopefully, we can slow down, enjoy each other and really be together, thankful for a baby that was born to save us. That’s the whole point of Christmas.

This Christmas wasn’t the picture perfect scene depicted in countless movies and songs. But it was perfect in that my little family was together and my girls were happy.