>A lot of people in “church circles” will often say this: God is always on time.

A variation may be: God is never early, but He’s always on time.

I have to say, that statement is so true.

A couple of weeks ago, around payday to be exact, the motor for our furnace quit. And this week, the ball joint on the rear upper control arm on the Stratus broke. It wasn’t payday and was more than the furnace motor because when the mechanics checked the passenger side ball joint, it was very worn and about to break.

So, double the charge we had initially expected.

Hubby had done some contract work but hadn’t been paid yet. We kept waiting and waiting and in my mind, I had spent the money several times over on Christmas dresses, Christmas presents, etc.

And had Hubby gotten paid sooner, that’s probably what would have happened. We have a lot going on right now, so the money would’ve been used to pay other bills or get a couple of gifts or something else. But because he’s getting paid today, it helps dull the blow of an unexpected expense caused by a tire nearly coming off the car as I was driving it.

Some people would call it luck. Others would call it kismet or karma. Still others would call it serendipity.

I just call it Divine Providence.