>I am SO READY for Fall to be here.

Even though there are some who would say there is something wrong with me, I am anxiously awaiting the days of crisper air, frost, pumpkins and mums. Considering we had no real summer to speak of, I’ve been ready for quite some time.

We have been blessed with some really great days, with sweet moments that hallmark what life is about. Yes, it might sound sappy, but enjoying those moments helps when things are so crazy you don’t know which end is up. Things are still busy with just regular life. Adjusting to Kindergarten. As of this week, adjusting to pre-school (2 half days) for the little one. Trying to figure out how to finish projects started earlier this summer, as well as start and finish projects that sorely need to be completed. If anyone is out there, I hope you’re having a blessed day! I’ll check in later on.