>My box of Mrs. Meyers’ Clean Day products arrived yesterday evening. I felt like a kid at Christmas when I got home from church and found it waiting for me, and I anxiously opened the container.

I have to say that I chose their Lemon Verbena scent because I’m not into Basil. Lavender is ok, so I might try that scent next time… sometimes, it’s overpowering. Geranuim? No, thanks. Baby Blossom is a possibility, as well. They have scent free products, too. I guess the smart thing would have been to order products in scents I think I’d like!

I used the bathroom products this morning: shower spray, cleaning wipes and the toilet cleaner. I like the shower spray. I LOVE the cleaning wipes! LOVE THEM. Why? They are thicker than Clorox wipes. They are biodegradeable. They smell lovely. The toilet cleaner was so-so. I think I feel this way because of marketing, to be honest. I’ve previously used the Clorox with bleach cleaner that is VERY thick and this toilet cleaner isn’t very thick at all. It cleaned the toilet, so no complaints. I think I just need to be de-programmed from all the TV marketing! 🙂

I’ve yet to use the window cleaner and the Sweet Pea kitchen cleaners. The Sweet Pea stuff smells just like garden. It’s formulated to smell like that… like fresh picked sweet peas. Hubs really liked it. Me, not so much. He also said he thought the Lemon Verbena smelled like rest-stops. I don’t agree, but that’s his take.

For more cool cleaning info, visit Mrs. Meyer’s sister company, Caldera, for some neat laundry tips: