>This week, I’ve been trying to finish cleaning out the garage once and for all. We had a yard sale today and will have another on Friday. Tomorrow, we’ll be in Lexington at Shriner’s Hospital for an annual check-up.

To keep me inspired, I’ve been watching “Clean House” on the Style Network.

It’s kind of weird to hear the hosts saying to the family what I keep saying to myself. “It’s not the stuff that’s important; it’s the memories.”

I have to admit that I have been pretty awful about associating memories or traditions to stuff. So-and-so gave me/my kids this. That is from my grandma’s house.

And you know, I think that kind of thinking holds a lot of people back. Listen, the people who love you most should want the best for you. And the best is not holding on to stuff you don’t use. It’s not the things that matter; it’s the people, and the most important people want you to be able to enjoy your home and, you know, be able to actually park in your garage. (Ahem)

So, while I’m not blogging, I’m busy trying to make a better life. But I promise photos of the bathroom and maybe even our progress in the garage!

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