>A year ago this month we began our bathroom renovation.

A. Year. Ago.

Though my Hubby would argue that it was really the first week or two of July. When looking at 52 weeks ago, or 12 months ago, does a week or two really matter?

To be fair, I should explain that when we started the project, we had no idea what we’d have to end up doing. Like replacing the floor. Then, while I was taking down textured wallpaper, we discovered that we’d have to replace the walls, as well. So, to say that we’ve had to do a lot would be an understatement. When we sell our house, we’ll be able to happily chirp, “The bathroom is really a new build! Everything in there has been replaced, even the walls and floor.” What a selling point. lol.

Last night, Hubs hung the mirror. Still to be finished are:

1. Installing a light fixture over the mirror.
2. Hanging the photo over the towel bar. Yes, I’m prissy like that. I want something to look at in there. 😛
3. Installing the toilet paper holder.
4. Installing a small towel holder by the light switch.

When those are complete, I’ll post photos. And hold a ribbon cutting ceremony, complete with refreshments. 🙂