>I have registered with two different work-from-home sites. I would prefer one over the other, since someone we know has worked with them and recommended the site. I’m looking into a few other options, including perhaps being part of a grant program that is recruiting people to become teachers in my state for high-risk/low-income counties in the subjects of English (my degree), science, math and foreign language.

But overall, I’m not worrying about it. I’m not thinking about it too much, even.

I think worry is a form of fear, and I don’t believe fear is something God wants us to have. Also, after everything we went through with Abbie, I have learned to just put something in God’s hands and leave it there. By worrying about something, it’s like taking the matter out of God’s hands.

In trying to imitate child-like faith, I try to put things in God’s hands in the same way a child puts a broken toy into her father’s hands. Ever notice how a child doesn’t question how Daddy will fix the toy? The only thing she does is trust that he will.

I’ve told God my heart’s desire. I’ve told Him that I’m open to whatever He wants for me, as well as my family. Now I’m just waiting for the answer.