>I remember the early days of chatting when people talked about their “real” lives, and we referred to it as IRL. Do people do that anymore? I haven’t chatted in forever.

Anyway, Angie over at Not in Kansas has been posting some good stuff. I was particularly struck by something she wrote in this post (it’s a short post, so worth the few minutes it takes to read):

“It’s like this (as an example): If I want to be a person who has clean baseboards, I have to come to a DEEP realization that they’re not going to magically get (or stay) clean! SOMEONE has to clean them, and have a plan for WHEN and HOW they’re going to be cleaned.”

In the comments section, I told her that we must be living parallel lives, because I’m in the same boat.

Last week, I began my Spring Cleaning. Not an easy feat with two little “helpers” running around, but slowly but surely, I’m getting there. Last week, I focused on the kitchen. I washed walls and cabinets. I cleaned out old medicine that had expired. I still have a few little projects, one being cleaning out the fridge, that didn’t get finished because I was out of commission thanks to a mild migraine.

I also have half of the TV/Play room’s walls wiped down, but that room needs some intense, deep cleaning, as it’s where we spend the majority of our time. Toys need to be gone through and purged. Everything needs to be dusted and I need another package of Magic Eraser to get some scuffs and crayon markings off the walls.

Last night, I watched “Clean House” on the Style Network to inspire me. Nothing gets me inspired to clean and purge like that show! Wowza!


Apart from the cleaning, other things have been keeping us busy. Abbie had her yearly check-ups in Cincinnati a couple of weeks ago. Everything is great! Praise God! I tell you, I’m just so thankful what He has done in her life. When I think of what might have been and what is, it’s just overwhelming.

Also, my oldest “baby” graduated from preschool this week. Having helped in the planning, setting up and tearing down of the reception, I am pretty much worn out. I also have a pretty good idea of how it will be when she’s in school and how few parents want to help with stuff. While I realize that everyone is busy and short on money, if we all did a little bit, the burden wouldn’t fall on a few. A mom can hope, can’t she?

So, here’s to cleaning and purging! And a wonderful summer before the official First Day of School! I hope everyone is finding something to enjoy.

As soon as I can, I’ll write more… ’till then, enjoy an iced tea or lemonade!