It took me a while to figure this one out. The actual cake is the butterfly. The Mom who made this had the cake board designed at a print shop, then had it printed and laminated. Ooooh… the possibilities!
The next few cakes are some of the best examples I found of ladybug cakes. I’m thinking I need to practice a few cakes before the real deal for the little one’s party.
I’m not so wild about the use of buttercream icing only, using star tips. But, it might be a possibility.
This is probably the best ladybug cake I found, but I think the dimensions for the head are just a tiny bit off. Maybe. It could also be spot-on. Definitely the best ladybug cake AND board. I love the grass effect.

One of the better ladybug cakes. I really like the flower it is sitting on, but I’m not crazy about the head, which I think was the top of a cupcake stuck to the side of it. It’s just a bit small, but I like the eyes.

When I was a little girl, I had oodles of Strawberry Shortcake stuff, so this really stuck out to me. It was listed as an Honorable Mention in a topsy-turvey cake contest. The basket of berries is beautiful. I like the red and pink in this. So cute!
I think I’ve mentioned that I’d loooove to try a topsy-turvey/mad hatter cake, but I dunno…. it looks kind of dangerous. Can you imagine what the mess would be if everything weren’t secured?

This is fantastic. A Dr. Seuss-themed wedding cake. The only thing is, I think the top three tiers are just a tiny bit plain. But it won the afore-mentioned cake contest.