>I have lots of thoughts and possible real posts to perhaps write, but I have had the girls all to myself because Hubs is out of town for work. Just cleaned up projectile puke… I’m praying it’s a one-time deal tonight. My Dad is in the hospital. Still trying to get extra stuff ready for the yard sale next weekend. Just random, busy life.

BUT, I have to say this out loud before I go to bed, and since Hubs isn‘t here to listen to me, I have to tell the Internet.

I watched “Celebrity Apprentice” tonight and in the board room, one of the women (a model, I can’t remember her name right now. Brandi ____) tried to say the past tense of forgo, and what came out of her mouth was forgoo.

Really? Forgoo?

I would’ve fired her just for that.

But that’s just me. Others can forgive gramatical errors and the butchering of the English language much easier than I can.

And funny… I am taking a lot of time trying to decide if I should delete the word “can” at the end of my sentence. Lordy, I’m a geek!