>Working at a children’s clothing store has really opened my eyes to the clothing and shoe needs of children with medical issues. You might be surprised with the number of people coming into our store looking for clothes to accommodate a myriad of issues, from hemihypertrophy (like my Abbie) and similar needs to clothing that wouldn’t get in the way of feeding tubes.

I’m including some more info under my BWS links and have changed the header to reflect those changes. I hope that by adding what I’ve found, someone out there might be a step closer to finding the shoes or clothing their child might need.

Also, on a personal note, if you are out in public and see a child who has obvious issues (i.e., in a wheelchair or using a walker) or who just “looks” different, please take a few moments to say hello. Then get on that child’s eye level and sincerely tell that child how beautiful he/she is.