>I started watching “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter” on Lifetime, but I missed the first part of the movie, so I’m thinking of waiting until it’s on again. But from everything I have read, the book is so much better.

Anyway, the movie is, about other things, a family who has twins in the 1960’s, a boy and a girl. The girl has Down Syndrome. The father (a doctor) directs his nurse to take her to an institution, but the nurse can’t leave her there and takes her as her own daughter.

One night, the nurse/mom is getting the little girl ready for bed and she tells the little girl the story of Funny Bunny, Honey Bunny. I really like it.

Once a upon a time there was a lil bunny who was perfect in every way, except she was not like the other bunnies. One day when she went for a walk, the other bunnies would sometimes call her Funny Bunny and how did that make her feel…sad.

So what did she do? She went home to mummy bunny and mummy bunny took her in her paws and said, “Every thing is different. No two flowers are the same. No two butterflies are the same and no two bunnies…and that is why I love you! You are not my funny bunny, you are my Honey Bunny!”