>OTRgirl, thank you for the scripture reference. You ROCK! 🙂

It’s been crazy here this week and I’m trying to dig out of all the emails and voice mail messages.

Hubby left for Virginia for training (work stuff) on Sunday morning. Hannah had been sick but was on the mend. On Tuesday, my dad called and said we should come down to their house so they could give me a little extra help. Mom still works full-time and Dad is still on the mend from amputation surgery, so they couldn’t watch the girls this week so I could work, but they could offer a little extra help while Hubby was away.

Of course, when we get there on Tuesday evening, Abbie’s temp spikes. I considered packing up and going back home that evening. It was weird… she would seem to feel better, then the temp would go up again. Lots of coughing and intermitent throwing up.

Friday was a different story. She didn’t look like she felt well at all. She wanted to sleep all day. Her lips turned pale and dry. I decided she needed to see her doctor, so I packed up and started back home. I tried calling when I left, but didn’t have cell service. (Part of what is both bad and good about living in a rural, mountainous area!) I was about an hour from our home town before I finally got (spotty) service. I talked to T in our pediatrician’s office and she said I should take her to the ER.

So, that’s what I did. Nine hours later, I can tell you that yes, she was dehydrated. Her blood sugar had dropped, probably due to the throwing up and diarrhea. She possibly has a UTI. They said she doesn’t have pneumonia, but “there was a spot on her right lung,” so I’m calling it Not Over Yet until I can get a definitive word from our pediatrician. So far, she seems a LOT better, except for that awful cough that seems to be getting worse instead of better. I’m hopeful she’ll be feeling like her old self soon.

While I don’t mind being at the ER all night and into the morning (got home around 2:30 a.m.), I wonder how long it’s going to take for me to feel normal. My mom never got sick and always seemed to have endless energy reserves. Why is it so hard for me to keep myself up and running so my kids have a rested/competent/able-bodied caregiver?