>**The title is borrowed from an episode of Charlie & Lola, a cartoon my daughters love. Hannah watched it so much the summer Abbie was born that she began speaking with a slightly English accent. Imagine: a quasi-southern West Virginia accent with an English twist.

This past weekend, the little one threw up every night. Every. Single. Night. Sunday night was the worst and had Hubby not had President’s Day off, he would’ve called in.

I have had some thoughts swimming around in my head and have been kicking a few ideas around, but I hesitate in being completely honest about what I have been living the past month or so, mostly because of fear of backlash similar to that I experienced last year. While I don’t want to dredge all that up again –because I DO NOT — I am saying that being open and honest would be a huge leap of faith on many levels. First, putting my personal stuff out there. Second, possibly being judged by what I may say. Third, being the subject of wagging tongues, should a new blow-up occur.

I, more appropriately, my family and I have been dealing with a lot of things. New things have been learned. Old wounds are healing. Processing everything takes time and is sometimes a consuming task, but it is one that I take on, knowing that on the other side, things will be better. They must be.

The thing is, healing takes time. It takes adjustments on all sides and sometimes the process hurts. The cool flip-side of the coin is the new perspective, the shifting in thinking, the realization that comes along with healing and growing. That’s the good stuff I want to share. We’ll see if I can take a new leap of faith, trusting in being honest, hoping that new wounds won’t be inflicted.