>I was thinking about something last night, and wanted to post my thoughts here.

I came across the link about the prank call to Lindsay Roberts because I had Googled the name of one of the dorm wings on which I lived during my sophomore year. I hate to admit this, but I couldn’t remember the name, exactly. Was it Adeste Fi? I think, but, second-guessing myself, I thought it could’ve been something else. For reasons I don’t want to get into, my memory has holes in it. There are portions of my life which I remember vividly; other blocks of years are unclear and I often can’t remember things that I should remember.

I emailed a few college friends the link, asking, “Did this happen when I was there? I’ll croak if I forgot.” I mean that, but not in a mean way. I mean it in the way you hate forgetting a friend’s name. Or other things, that not while “life changing important” are still memory-keeping-worthy. It’s frustrating, and I hate every time I encounter a memory loss.

When I Googled the college name and dorm wings or other variations of that search, I found that there are a lot of websites out there purposed to talking trash about the university. It makes me sad to think that people feel they need to bash it. If they were so unhappy with the university, why did they stay? Why didn’t they just transfer to another university? Why stay somewhere you hate and then dump on it later?

I wasn’t trying to do that. The post reminded me of a couple of funny things from back then. But the post was made by someone, I believe, should have transferred to another school, even if he did have a full scholarship. But that’s neither here nor there, as it’s in the past.

Funny things happened while I was there. That university has its own environment and culture, definitely unlike any other. Living in the ORU bubble was an experience that, unless you’ve lived it or something similar, is kind of hard to wrap your mind around. It’s different. But different can be good. And sometimes, really funny.