>This past week, there has been so much snow where I live, my oldest daughter wasn’t in pre-school once.

I’m starting to wonder if she’ll even be able to have a Valentine’s Day party at school. We bought valentines just incase.

Shannon over at Rocks in My Dryer (see her link in my Blogs section) found this wonderful post that I’m going to share with you. It’s called Today I was a Mom and I think you’ll like it.

Because we’ve all had those days. Shoot, I had that kind of week this week!

Take yesterday. Just as we left to go to the grocery store–and we had to go because we were out of the essentials, down to soap and TP–the snow started pouring down. There were 36 wrecks in the town where I live. We weren’t even half way through the store when my toddler thought it would be fun to start taking her shoes and socks off. Then she started throwing them overboard. Then she started throwing groceries overboard. (And I just remembered why I didn’t get any eggs.) Big Sis thought it was funny and giggled that wonderful giggle, but this time, Mommy didn’t think it was funny. I told her that by laughing, Little Sis thought it was a game and could she please stop? In the end, I saved $100 in coupons and by using my discount card, but had to go back in because some little mischevious monkey threw her tobogan overboard. Thank God for good people and Lost & Found.

Things have been insanely busy, even though nothing usually gets done. But the rewards are so awesome. I’ve been hugged and kissed (even the baby has started trying to kiss–so sweet!). The oldest girl has patted me so sweetly and she’s been holding my hand a lot. The little one has nuzzled me too many times to count. Though the house is tidied, it soon becomes a wreck again, but it doesn’t bother me so much because my girls and I are making memories.