>My oldest girl is 5, a very impressionable age. I think sometimes I worry too much about how to “properly” teach her things, especially about God, how to pray and the like.

Today we were “racing” each other. She loves to race and today we were racing to see who could clean a room the fastest. Really, in this case, “cleaning” is a relative term used to describe the actual act of picking up toys and clothes off the floor. She wanted to clean the TV room and she directed me to clean her room. She’s a genius, I tell ya.

So, just as we were beginning our race, I ran and my pinky toe caught the corner of the baby gate. Man, did it hurt! She asked what was wrong and I told her I cracked my toe, saying that because my toe actually did pop, just as fingers crack when you squeeze them the right way.

As soon as those words left my mouth, I regretted my choice of “cracked” because that’s how she describes my dad’s amputated toes. When she first saw them (well after the surgery… a year or two maybe) she asked what made his toes crack off.

My girl immediately ran to her bed and prayed for her Mommy’s toes. I hadn’t even asked her to pray for me, but she sprang into action. Her prayer was quick and urgent.

What made me giggle was when she said, “God, please touch her and if it still hurts, touch her again.”

She doesn’t really need to be taught, does she? At 5, she understands prayer, urgent prayer (praying right then and there) and that sometimes, we’ve just got to keep praying until it’s better. Those are lessons we could all learn again and again.