>Part 2

What do people say that you’re naturally good at? That is, what do people tend to give you compliments on without you even expecting it?

Proofreading, writing, talking with people and learning more about them/making them feel welcome.

Part 3

What things do you normally excel in without it seeming to be much effort at all?

Proofreading, grammar, writing, desktop publishing, talking with people–especially about BWS and our experiences with Abbie, researching

Part 4

What things, when you do them, you totally lose track of time, and before you know it, a few hours have gone past without you even realising it?

Desktop publishing, reading, researching, reading blogs, playing with doing fun things with my girls

Part 5

What topics can you talk to someone else about for hours on end without getting tired or bored of it?

God stuff, my girls, BWS and our children’s hospital experience, my family, cool “God stuff” and how He has worked in my family

Part 6

What kind of topics do you like researching or finding out about more, without being forced to do it?

I like researching just about anything, from BWS to home decorating things, to good bargains on stuff (tonight, clothes). I like searching for scripture or Bible quotes. I especially like researching women in the Bible.

Part 7

What do you think your natural talents are?

Talking. Writing. If you can call it a “talent,” taking care of or helping people.

Part 8

What topic do you think you could write about every day, knowing that there will be no reward?

I could write all day about my family and/or my girls.

While we were trying to get pregnant with Abbie, I was a community leader on an iVillage message board about trying to conceive (TTC) another child and TTC another child while dealing with fertility issues. So, in a way, I’ve done that, but TTC isn’t on the forefront of my efforts right now. 🙂

I’m fairly active with a BWS message board for parents, grandparents, family, therapists and anyone who wants to learn more about Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome.

I like writing about what God has done in my”original” family and my “new” family with my husband.

I think if I tried, I could write about baking more or perhaps more about home, cooking, new things I’m learning or work, although I wouldn’t want to be Dooced (fired for writing about work on a blog).