>I use Yahoo! email services. I’m always following some news link or special interest story. Below are some samples of what I’ve been reading lately.

The 6 Biggest Skin Care Mistakes. I had no idea using bar soap was so bad for my face. I’m also looking into using either the Neutrogena or Roc wrinkle products mentioned in this article. I have a fierce wrinkle that is etching its way into my forehead, just between my eyes. I’ve read that this is often caused when people read a lot. Go figure.

Seven Things No One Tells You About Marriage. The stuff listed in the article is so true.

A link listed in the sidebar on the above article, Five Things Super-Happy Couples Do Every Day is interesting.

Non-Yahoo links that I’ve been checking out are:

Focus on the Family Parenting Advice
Christian Family Resources touted by the Duggar Family

And on more personal matters, some links to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to find doctors numbers for follow-up appointments, links to local Chrisitan schools, to check out tuition prices (yikes!), Google to find an outlet mall not too far from Cincy, and eBay to keep an eye on a towel bar for the “new” bathroom. We found the other pieces at Home Goods but they didn’t have the 24″ towel bar/rack we needed.

Now that I’ve researched all this information, I really need to get in there and take the tree down. I do not want it up past this weekend. After that, work.

I’m tired already! 🙂