>Angie is working on this project over at Not in Kansas. You should check it out. She’s challenged her readers to answer these questions in an effort to Kindle Our Defining Moment.

As with a lot of things right now, I’m a day late and a dollar short, but this is worth doing, even if you’re tardy.

What are the 50 things in life you most enjoy doing? (Don’t stop until you have at least 50 things listed).

My answers to 50 things:

Learning more about God
Having fun/doing fun activities with my girls
Praying for/over my girls
Spending time with my family and with friends
Reading books
Reading blogs
Cake decorating
Cooking and learning how to be a better cook
Planning events/parties
Hosting parties or get-togethers
Buying and wrapping gifts for others
Creating things via desktop publishing
Getting to know other people/families at our church
Being involved in outreach projects at church
Listening to people, especially when they are having a tough time or are
having trouble with something
Taking photos and learning how to be a better photographer
Home decorating, especially choosing paint color
Making our house our home/making our house “ours”
Finding good bargains via garage sales, sales in stores and in consignment or thrift stores
Saving money for my family, either by saving it or by finding things we need at a cheaper price
Going to museums
Going to concerts
Taking classes, especially art or writing classes
Listening to music
Interviewing people (did this for my Journalism class)
Listening to other people tell stories
Finding neat stuff online (here lately, on Etsy.com)
Taking care of our house/feeling accomplished with things that need to be done around the house are finished
Taking care of our cars/feeling that our family is safer with a well-maintained car
Sharing “God stuff” with others
Sharing Abbie’s story
Researching things
Reading or hearing other people’s stories
Going to flea markets (Sounds corny, but I do enjoy it)
Encouraging people
Earning a living
Administrative work
Being an “activist” by way of writing letters or calling my political reps when an issue is important to me
Learning more about how to provide more nutritious meals for my
daughters (read: hiding vegetables)
Losing weight (something I need to start working on again. It feels good and makes me healthier)
Learning and utilizing new cooking methods or recipes I see on Food Network
Learning how to use coupons to the max to save money on groceries
Looking at online real estate listings (and dreaming about a better-suited house for us)
Sharing photos of my daughters
Doing nice things for people
Learning to navigate in new places