>A few weeks ago, I spoke about The Mother Letter Project in this post. It was brief; I just asked you to check it out.

I finally submitted my letter yesterday. It was long (big surprise, right?).

For weeks, I had been going over what I wanted to say in the letter in my head. How would I start the letter? Should I send it to “any” mother or should I write the letter as if it were going to my own mother? What should I talk about? How could I encourage another mother when so often, I feel I fail-or at the very least fall short big time-at being the kind of mother I’d like to be.

I tell you what, though, I cried the entire time I typed. Not just pretty little tears a la Demi Moore in “Ghost.” Big, weepy, fat tears that caused my face to swell and become red.

I think the reason I boo-hooed my way through my letter is, being a mother is the most important thing to me after being a child of God. I am forever someone’s mother. Rearing a child and bringing a child up with the word of God is such an incredible responsibility and I am daily awed that God would send me two beautiful children to care for and to love. It has affected me in ways I never imagined and has made me an activist for children, for health care, for children’s rights. My life is richer because I am a mother and I cannot wait to get to heaven and give God a huge, hundred year long hug for allowing me to be a steward of such precious gifts.

This project is so sweet, thoughtful and original… I almost wonder if it’s a movement! A revolution. If you don’t know the story, there is a guy out there in Internet Land who is making a gift for his wife. The family is making gifts for each other and they are sending the money they would have spent on gifts to a village in Africa. His idea was to collect letters of encouragement from other mothers and give the collaboration to his wife.

Cool, huh?

I so want to do that next year! Had I had time to talk my family into it, I’d love to have done it this year. I’m curious as to the guidelines they are using. I mean, how much is each person alloted for supplies to make a gift? That kind of stuff.

So here’s to Mothers everywhere: love your kids and love yourself! You’re doing a better job than you might think. And here’s to more Christmas celebrations where we don’t buy into the Christmas Retail Machine and make things for those we love, focusing on the Real Reason for the season.