>A few weeks ago, was it two?, I felt really into the Christmas spirit. I had thought of perhaps putting up our Christmas tree before Thanksgiving, but didn’t because it was “too early.”

Then I got busy. We had Hannah’s birthday party. I’ve been working. And somewhere in the mix of it all, I lost it. I lost the excitement of the season I blogged about it here and here. And I really want that excitement back!

Dear God,

Please help me be excited about this season again. Please help me to re-realize the excitement I had about celebrating the birth of Your Son, Jesus, the greatest gift you could ever give us. Please help me to once again feel the awesome wonder, if even just the tiniest bit, that was felt that incredible night that Jesus stepped into our world by becoming a helpless baby boy, who grew up and felt what all humans feel and took part in the human experience so you could save us.

Please help me to ignore the stupid materialism that has overtaken this holy season. Help me to overlook cranky, rude people. Help me to let go of all the things I wanted to do and enjoy what I’m able to do.

Help me to feel and experience the joy that only you can give so I can teach my daughters by example, by leading them. I know that their foundation and earliest memories are being built now, so I ask you to help me help them realize why we are celebrating.

Thank you.