>I can’t find a Christmas background I really love. I liked the 3 Wise Men, but I felt the blog was too hard to read with that background. If I don’t find anything else, I’ll use it for the week of Christmas.

I love snowmen and am using that in lieu of a really nice nativity-themed one. Why is it so hard to find graphics and backgrounds for blogs and MySpace that reflect the REAL reason of the season???

Hannah’s birthday party was this weekend. So, we were very busy. I’ve also been working a lot.

I wish I had put up our Christmas tree when I was really in the mood mid-November. I’m not in the mood now and it probably has something to do with me working in retail during the holidays. I’m hoping to really feel in the Christmas spirit soon! I don’t like this. I feel Scroogey. Not entirely Scroogey, just about decorations. And trees. And such.