>Oh, geez. Home renovations are a beast**. I’m so tired of ours and am very not encouraged by the fact that we have many areas in need of improvement. New carpet throughout. Paint inside and out. New light fixutres, light switches and outlets throughout. The kitchen desperately needs to be redone, cabinets and all. It all makes me want to curl up in a corner and cry, which I did tonight.

The project du jour (or rather, du an.. d’an (?) [project of the year]) is our main bathroom. It actually began in late June, when Hubby and I agreed to use a little windfall to buy a bath tub, as we didn’t have one. Long story short, an elderly couple previously lived in this house, and they had removed the bath tub because it was too dangerous for them and their replacement joints.

The walls around the tub needed redone as a result of removing a shower insert that was larger than the replacement tub insert. Hubby inspected the floor when he pulled up the linoleum that needed to be replaced, only to find that the floor under it was rotten. It seems that somewhere along the line, someone had found the rottenness, but rather than replace it properly, they put new wood on top of it.

The sink was probably the original fixture, and the house is about 35 years old, so you can imagine what it looked like. Yuck. The mirror is an entire subject of its own… tiny about very shabby chic. Old school.

So, after months of doing what we can do, when we can afford it, we’re finally ready to install the new vanity and sink. The only thing is, the walls really do need to be painted first. The problem there is, textured wallpaper had been previously applied and it’s a bear to take off. OMG. I first tried a solution of fabric softener and warm water. While effective, it does make the work a little sticky.

Then, a friend (the one at Sort My Space) let me borrow her steamer, specifically made for removing wallpaper. I love it! I worked today and made yet another discovery: under the textured wallpaper are remnants of who knows what, but it appears to be another layer of wallpaper, albeit halfway removed. It looks like wallpaper had been on, someone tried to take it off, but couldn’t get it all off so the wall was either painted or had primer put on it. The steamer helped make that tidbit obvious, because while I was working, I got into those layers.

We have decided to just rip out all the walls and replace the sheetrock. All of it.

Will this reno ever end?

**I have a photo of the bathroom in its current state, which I will post as soon as I can.