>Ok, so I’m starting to give in. I can’t help it! The snow keeps falling here. We got about 2 inches overnight. About 6 inches fell where my parents live, about 60 miles south of me. So, tonight I chose to wear a snowflake top to work.

On the way home, “Mary, Did You Know?” was on the radio and it pretty much started my venture into getting “into” Christmas about a week early.

It’s going to be a busy week and I’m looking forward to next week, when I see family and eat waaaaayyy too much, but it should be fun. But in all honesty, I’ve already started my Christmas stuff…. this week, I took the girls to have their Christmas photos taken. I’m about 80% finished with my shopping. I’m planning Hannah’s 5th birthday party, set for early December.

I really hope that we can see the lights at a park near my mom over Thanksgiving, because otherwise we probably won’t be able to see them.