> This is what my front yard/porch area looked like this morning. As you can see, I like to leave my pumpkins and/or mums out until Thanksgiving or as close to it as possible.

I know, Halloween was almost 3 weeks ago, but I think my oldest daughter will not be happy when I tell her that her Jack O’Latern must be thrown in the garbage.

So, here we are, nearly a week out from Thanksgiving and it snowed here. It snowed all day long. The snow melted, then it snowed again. Big, fat, fluffy flakes fell from the sky nearly all day.

James Taylor sang about frost on the pumpkins, but I’m sure this is not what he was talking about. Snow really does put me in a Christmas mood. I’d rather wait until after next Thursday, but I’m starting to feel myself give in. After all, I’m about 80% finished with my holiday shopping. I’m hoping to be finished by December 1st so I can focus on enjoying the holidays, hosting Hannah’s 5th birthday party, baking cookies and working like mad in retail.