>So as I mentioned in my last post, last night on my way home from work, I was listening to KLOVE and the first song I heard was “Praise You in This Storm” by Casting Crowns. It reminded me of the trials we have been through the past few years, both figuratively and literally. I know I’ve talked about this song before, but it’s one of those songs that will resonate with me, no matter how much time passes.

To me, the main message of that song is that praise is a choice. If we only praised God during the good times or when it seemed that he answered our prayers, what would the “sacrifice of praise” be, anyway? Not only that, but what kind of relationship is that? Loving, praising, communicating only during the good times wouldn’t work in a marriage. Why should we think it would work in a relationship with our God, our Creator?

He’s not a cashier at McDonald’s, where we can just pull up, give our order and drive away happy.

But so many people treat Him that way.

* * * * * * * * * *

So, the next song I heard was “Big House” (or is it “Big, Big House”?) by Audio Adrenaline. Every time I hear that song, I think of Crazy Dave at ORU. He was probably the biggest AA fan there ever was. I can’t help but think of him singing that song, and really any AA song. Then I think of how cool it is to see God as our Father, especially in that way. You know, like, my Dad is cool and we have this home, you’ve just gotta see it!

Come, and go with me
To my Father’s House
Come, and go with me
To my Father’s House.

Its a big big house
With lots and lots a room
A big big table
With lots and lots of food
A big big yard
Where we can play football
A big big house
Its my fathers house

*For the full lyrics, go here.

Big big house with lots and lots of room = Everyone is welcome
Big big table with lots and lots of food = Provision for our needs
Big big yard where we can play football = To me it means He cares for our needs, even for exercise, but also for recreation and rest

A theologian could make a neat parallel between this song and Psalm 23. 🙂

Anyway, when I thought of Crazy Dave, I thought of ORU and that train of thought makes me think of my friends from ORU: Angie, Sarah, Chris and so many others.

BTW, what is it about us at ORU at the time where all the guys had a nickname? Crazy Dave, Bubba Dan… ???