>I’ve been coughing for about 10 days now. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and he advised me to keep taking Robitussen. But on Tuesday or Wednesday, it seemed to not do the trick. I’d take it every four hours, but the cough would begin returning after about 3 hours, then 2.

Today, I asked a pharmacist what could help me, because Robitussen just wasn’t cutting it. He recommended Dylsum, saying that if that didn’t help, I would surely need a prescription cough medicine. I took the new cough medicine at around 5 and had hope that it would work.

However, here I am about 6 hours later, coughing worse than I think I have in my entire life. My right eye hurts because of the pressure behind it when I cough. I’m even going into what consequenxces I’m paying for carrying and birthing children.

I do believe I have the cough from hell. I just pray my family doesn’t get it.