>I’m still sick. BUT! I did manage to crawl off of my sick bed (ie, the couch) and go to the doctor. Basically, he said, it has to run its course. So my insurance and I will pay for that little gem of “it has to run its course” and I feel like I’ve wasted my time.

All was not lost; he gave me a script for antibiotics, which I would normally not fill because most colds are viral infections. BUT! (Sorry, I have no idea why I’m typing it that way) my friend, the very smart and beautiful Dr. K ,is doing her fellowship in infectious disease and told me that since I had a fever after the onset of symptoms, it sounded like I had a secondary bacterial infection.

Yay! I’m just swarming with germs. Woohoo!

Or, as we’d say where I grew up, I’m “eat up” with germs.

The kids are still providing some pretty funny entertainment through this. Girl 1 properly used a double entendre and then asked her Nanna if she got it. She’s 4!! I have no idea where she picked up the “got it?” but it’s pretty funny.