>Still sick. I didn’t even feel like going to the doctor today. Since tomorrow is a Federal holiday, Hubby will be home, so I won’t have to worry about finding a sitter. He just asked me to say something nice about him here on the blog, and I will say, he did a very nice thing today by taking the day off to watch the kids so I could rest and try to get over This Crud. He also bought more orange juice, other provisions and dinner. So, yay Hubby.

We were hanging out in the living room this evening and the little one comes up and hits Hubby on the leg. She’s been doing this a lot lately, and more and more, it’s a sign of displeasure. Such as, if we tell her “No,” she will come over and give us a whack. It’s a hard habit to break and I think it might take some time.

So, tonight when she did this, Hubby and I both emphatically said, “No” and no sooner did the word leave our mouths did the oldest one say, “No, Abbie, no hitting Daddy. He’s one of the bosses.”

I thought I would fall off the couch laughing and probably would have had I not started hacking up a lung, my coughing brought on by the laughing. Girl 1 then informed us that “it’s not nice to laugh at people” and so we had to quickly get it together.