>There’s really not much to talk about. I worked nearly all day and after work, Hubby, the girls and I went to visit family.

It’s cool to hang out with family, watching a lively football game and eating fresh-baked yummies. But the coolest part is seeing the cousins playing together.

It reminds me a lot of when I was a kid and we’d go to my grandma’s house. There were 6 grandkids total, but only 4 of us were close enough in age to really be playmates. The other 2 came along and were the “babies” of the family. It’s kind of weird to watch those babies, one just got married this summer and one is graduating from high school this year.

I love big families and I love getting together. It’s especially great when you’re a kid, because you get to see your cousins and there’s always one that’s the cool one. For me, it was my oldest cousin. For my girl #1, it’s now her youngest girl cousin (if that makes any sense at all… her other two girl cousins are married and living far from home).

It’s cute watching them all play and interact. Girl 2 loves one of her cousins so much… he makes her belly laugh and it seemed the whole house was filled with that magnificent, deep and heart-felt belly laugh tonight. I loves times like that.