>Without a doubt, this past Presidential election was one of the most passionate and most active in decades.

Not even an entire week on the other side of Election Day, America’s choice has been made. As in any election, but especially this one, we might be asking ourselves, “Now what?” or “What does this mean?” in terms of what is in the future and how things will change.

I have been very outspoken on my beliefs and my choice of candidate, and I think that in the process I may have stepped on some toes or ruffled some feathers. In fact, I’m quite sure I have and now that things have settled down, it makes me sad.

The reason for my sadness is really rooted in how personal this election was for so many people. Time and time again, when people discussed the election or tried to talk politics, neither side would “back down” so to speak. I think people had made up their minds long ago and it was really a question of when it would finally happen. When things would be official.

Becoming a mother changes people in different ways, and for me, it is very much a thing of protecting my children. It’s an entire scope of things that are too numerous or maybe even too complex to talk about in this post, but one of my top priorities is protecting my children, even if it means at any cost. I call it “the mother bear instinct” and sometimes “the mother lion instinct.” I don’t think I really have to explain this instinct because most people will get what I’m talking about, whether they are or are not parents.

I will admit that since God blessed us with our youngest, I have been hyper-sensitive about certain issues and certain causes. Really, I think that just comes with the territory to a certain extent, just like having “NICU-itis** ” does.

For me, the issues are black and white, even if there is no perfect candidate, and let’s be honest, there is never a perfect candidate. I just hope that if people can understand my motive, if they can understand where I’m coming from, they’ll understand why I felt–and still feel–the way I do, even if they don’t agree with me.

**NICU-itis = a condition developed by mothers whose infants spend time in the Neonatal ICU, characterized by the obsession of not getting sick, of killing germs via antibacterial soap and Purell, of staying away from the public, especially sick members of the public; also, characterized by intense research on any given condition experienced by the child(ren), asking lots of questions during doctor’s visits, keeping track of all of the doctor appoinntments, perhaps for months at a time, trying as much as humanly possible to keep on top of the game.

Fair warning, though… I may start “investing” in conservative t-shirts or something… you never know.